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Elocution Plus

Elocution Plus

The channel is primarily about 'personal presentation' skills, the formal use of verbal and non-verbal communication craft. It is a consideration of such communicative competencies of speech and etiquette as pronunciation, posture, etymology, body language, and articulation [amongst others].

2021-11-01 03:01:00.0

Words......Confused, XIII (Volume 3)

Words commonly confused, body language

2021-10-27 12:56:00.0

Body-Language XII (Volume 3)

Words commonly mispronounced

2021-10-25 02:56:00.0

Sound-Byte, XI (Volume 3)

Words commonly used in conversations

2021-10-22 10:46:00.0

Words......Confused, X (Volume 3)

Words commonly used in conversation

2021-10-18 01:49:00.0

Sound-Byte, IX (Volume 3)

Words commonly used in Conversations

2021-10-15 11:24:00.0

Understanding Body-Language VIII (Volume 3)

Words commonly confused sometimes, body-language, however, can provide the needed clarity

2021-10-11 01:24:00.0

Sound-Byte, VII (Volume 3)

Words commonly used in conversations

2021-10-08 01:53:00.0

Body-Language VI (Volume 3 )

Words commonly confused in English

2021-10-06 10:42:00.0

Words......Confused, V (Volume 3)

Confusing words commonly used in the English language

2021-10-04 11:29:00.0

Sound-Byte, IV (Volume 3)

Words Commonly Confused

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