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SMEs' Growth Tips

SMEs' Growth Tips

Growing your business with Linda is a podcast aimed at providing SMEs with small tips on how they can start small and scale their small business without breaking the bank. The idea is to provide them with information that can help them build and grow a profitable and sustainable business

2021-08-30 04:58:00.0

How To Create A Product That Is Needed By The Masses

Determining what your customers really want from your product is a lot easier said than done. Your customers aren't always sure what they want, making it your responsibility to recognize those objectives for them.

2021-08-27 02:18:00.0

Taking Advantage of Infrastructure In Your Area

Businesses also reduce their costs because they do not have large overheads for office space. Energy infrastructure refers to not only the production of energy but also storage and distribution. Often the population and demand have outgrown the infrastructure, which limits the availability of businesses. It also allows supplies to be brought in from far afield and permits finished products to be moved to market cheaply and quickly.

2021-08-27 01:51:00.0

Leveraging on Social Media Tools To Make Your Business Stand Out

Cultivating customers on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram and other social media platforms is a crucial way to create loyal customers and brand followers who continue to purchase your products and services and act as your brand ambassadors.

2021-08-09 05:17:00.0

How To Use Free Resources To Make Your Business Stand Out

Standing out from your competition is critical to your company’s success. While most people understand that concept, far too many businesses fail to put it into practice. Watch Your Website, Produce Content aside from creating a website, it's also important to build a good profile of your company. Be Active on Social Media. Make Use of SEO.

2021-08-03 04:18:00.0

Seeking Grants To Start A Business

A startup small business grant is monetary funding from the government or an organization that is given in order to help small companies and nonprofits succeed in building and growing their business. Unlike loans, you don’t have to pay this money back. There’s no collateral that you’re required to put up, and you won’t need to pay fees or interest. The best part about grants is that the money is yours to keep, and you’ll never have to pay it back after using it for your startup.

2021-07-30 03:22:00.0

Choosing the Right People For Your Business

People are the most important aspect of any company, responsible for how you operate, how you present yourself to clients and customers, and ultimately how successful you are.

2021-07-26 04:43:00.0

Gaining The Right Experience Before Starting A Business

Gain adds to get the notion of something profitable or desirable. The experience you get might be useful down the road.

2021-07-26 04:34:00.0

How To Use What You have To Get What You Want

Decide to have what you want, even if you don't know how to get it. Be open to possibility when things don't go your way

2021-06-28 04:16:00.0

Saving To Start Your Small Business

Building a business takes money. An entrepreneur can create a savings plan so they have enough start-up equity to start the business.

2021-06-25 06:48:00.0

Starting A Business With Internal Funds

In the business world, some sources of capital are internal to the business itself. These funds are generated from internal operations. Internal funding sources include your retained profits, start-up and additional tranches of investor funding.

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