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At the NESG, our work in providing fact-based advocacy has allowed us to prioritize and use our voice to encourage different actors to come together to dialogue on critical socio-economic issues. Only through conversations, interventions, and innovation will we change the landscape in Nigeria and across Africa.

2021-12-03 12:09:00.0

Urgency And Audacity Of Public Sector Reforms

Due to the Public Sector’s role in executing plans, policies, and programmes of the government, there is a need for public accountability and trust between the public sector and the citizens whose lives and livelihoods are impacted by its activities.

2021-11-25 12:37:00.0

Key Priorities For Economic Growth and Inclusion

The fragility of Nigeria is evident and pervasive in all spheres of its being – economically, socially, politically, and also its integrity as a sovereign state. With a National Development Plan to reposition Nigeria on the path to a secured future driven by effective fiscal and monetary management and an active commitment to inclusiveness, it is critical to examine Nigeria’s priorities for high and sustained economic development.

2021-11-19 01:58:00.0

Securing Our Future: The Fierce Urgency Of Now

The 27th Nigerian Economic Summit convened stakeholders who envisioned strategies to reverse Nigeria’s poor economic trends to achieve high and sustained growth and bring Nigeria back on its path to assuming its economic potentials.

2021-11-17 12:28:00.0

Securing our Future: The Fierce Urgency Of Now

The 27th Nigerian Economic Summit NES#27 theme, “Securing Our Future: The Fierce Urgency of Now reflects the need for urgent and targeted action to address the current national challenges in Nigeria. It also builds on conversations from NES#26 which emphasized the importance of harnessing critical and strategic partnerships towards

2021-11-10 01:51:00.0

Securing Our Future: The Fierce Urgency Of Now

The fragility of Nigeria is evident and pervasive in all spheres of its being – economically, socially, politically and also its integrity as a

2021-09-08 02:27:00.0

Addressing Ecowas' Rising Debt Profile

For West African economies, the weight of accumulated foreign debt repayment and servicing continues to grow. The resources of West African economies are grossly insufficient; however, a substantial proportion of the available resources is committed to external debt servicing and repayment obligations.

2021-09-01 03:55:00.0

Discussing The Value Chain Of The Gamming Industry

Due to the rise in internet penetration, the gaming industry has continued to expand, benefiting immensely from the large tech-savvy population, and increasing access to internet-enabled smart devices. Opportunities are huge in the gaming industry ranging from job creation for local developers, higher revenue for the government, and also another source of income for Nigerians.

2021-08-26 11:42:00.0

Discussing Agriculture

This Week on the NESG Radio, we will be exploring the opportunities in Nigeria

2021-08-18 12:40:00.0

Repositioning Nigeria's Tourism And Hospitality Sectors for Sustainable Growth And Profitability

The Hospitality and Tourism Industry has the potential to bolster Nigeria’s investment landscape and help achieve increased contribution to our Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Given Nigeria’s population and natural endowments, a steady investment in infrastructure, policies and sensitisation efforts to encourage in-country vacations would positively boost the industry.

2021-08-12 11:31:00.0

Inauguration Of The Joint Planning Committee For Nes#27

The public sector represented by the federal ministry of Finance, Budget and National Planning and the organized private sector represented by the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG) announced the theme for the 27th Nigerian Economic Summit “Securing our future: The fierce urgency of Now” while inaugurating the Joint planning committee for the 27th Nigerian Economic Summit (NES#27) on the 28th of July, 2021.

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