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Social Trader

Social Trader

The show celebrates entrepreneurs in our society and gives updates on happenings around the world of online business across social media platforms. From Instagram to Facebook, Twitter to LinkedIn.

2020-03-20 11:38:27.0

Bad Money Management In Business

Bad money management is obviously one of the major reasons why businesses or entrepreneurs fold up in their quest for success. On this episode, Onoja highlights some strategies that you as an entrepreneur can adopt to secure your business.  

2020-03-11 01:33:07.0

Advantages Of Online Business

Onoja unveils some of the advantages that come with doing an online business and Klem Ijege CEO Klemcarve Collections takes us through his journey as an entrepreneur.

2020-03-09 03:19:41.0

What Successful Entrepreneurs Do

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is one thing and being able to manage your free time is another. This episode highlights the best way to effectively utilize your  leisure as an entrepreneur and the CEO Garri empire was live to share her journey with us.  

2020-03-02 05:58:45.0

You Think You Know Your Business

This episode gives an insight on how to monitor the performance of your business to know if it is doing well or not.  You might want to listen to Nelly Mesik, CEO Nelly Mesik Consultancy a premium agency that deals with photography, brand management and talent consultancy, as took us through the green world of management.

2020-02-24 12:14:53.0

Great business ideas

On this episode, some of the greatest business ideas were spotlighted and the CEO Arban, a fashion designer for bespoke ready to wear outfits Stephanie Illoabachie was on, to spice it up. 

2020-02-24 04:16:22.0

How to turn your Facebook account into a branded sales app within seconds.

Here on this episode, entrepreneurs are taught how to turn their facebook accounts into a branded sales app using the new business application called the Appsvillage.  Our social trader for the day, Gideon Igbru CEO El-Igbru wears was live to share his entrepreneurial experience on the guest segment. 

2020-01-24 01:15:02.0

Be Aware of Online Business Scams!

As much as Social Trader is tailored towards highlighting the online entrepreneurs in the online business sector, we still care as much for the clients/customers. That's why on this episode, we bring you tips on how to figure out a genuine online business platform from a fake one as well as tips to help you succeed at online business and Alaide Mathews CEO Grow Kobo was on the show to take us through his world of Tech where Kobo grows.

2020-01-24 01:06:54.0

Too Many Advise From Too Many People is Hurting Your Online Hustle

With a little twist on the trends, we shared basic reasons why some entrepreneurs fail at making online business work and our vibrate guest Oluchi was on to spice up the show

2020-01-20 10:59:22.0

The Wonder That's Called 'Balogun Online Market' - Social Trader

Serving you entrepreneurship, leadership and digital media with a glass of mocha. On the trend segment; Sky scanner collects flight deals and compares prices and presents you with the best available online, with this you get to fly cheaper. Our social trader of the day runs Balogun-online market, Oluwaseun Ogunjobi has done the unthinkable, bringing the traditional local market to the digital platform.

2020-01-20 06:02:41.0

Is It Possible to Make Some Cash Off Social Media Without Selling Any Product?

Onoja describes how you can make cool cash on social media. Racksterly is a share to end platform with a subscription fee and a Facebook account. The platform connects business owners to connect with customers by just sharing Ads that have been paid for. Our social trader of the week has a passion for upgrading your gadgets.

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News Updates

  • G20 leaders pledge to inject 5 trillion into the global economy

  • China offers help to US against Coronavirus

  • United State surpass China and Italy with new cases of Coronavirus

  • Toyota Motor Corporation in Asia seeks credits line

  • Asian shares continues stock rally

  • European shares falls to 1.8%

  • UK Prime Minister tests positive for COVID0-19.

  • Africa Development Bank seeks record 3-billion-dollar debt issue to fight coronavirus;

  • National bank of Ethiopia makes plan to inject 15 billion birr into private banks

  • South Africa records more than 1,000 cases of COVID-19