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3rd Sector

3rd Sector

The show adopts the semi-formal indices of broadcasting to tell the stories of nonprofits in Africa and the individuals that run them, working assiduously to change the narrative and actual life experiences of 21st century Africans. This is an attempt at TELLING THE STORY OF AFRICAN RESILIENCE AND GRACE

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The Law & Philanthropy

"Fabulous Fabia" Ogunmekan, (as fondly called by friends and associates), is a proud daughter of Rivers State; one of Nigeria's richest oil producing states in the Niger Delta region, who ironically, for the first time in her adult life, found herself living in Port Harcourt, the city capital -on taking up leadership in a nonprofit organization focused on environmental sustainability in the Niger Delta. She holds a LLB in Law from the University College; as well a Master of Science in Nonprofit Management from Cass Business School, City University, both in London. Her passion for philanthropy has found expression in an unusual marriage of the Law and Philanthropy.

She currently serves as the Executive Secretary of Women in Successful Careers (WISCAR); Nigeria's leading nonprofit saddled with career and personal leadership development of young women, where she drives innovation and strategy in aligning the vision and project implementation of the organization. She shares her passion for development on this edition of The 3rd Sector.

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Do not blow their chances

Literally blazing the trail from the back end of the room, Ambassador Joy Ndidi Chukwu has earned herself a place on the front row; and rightly so! A proverbial child of providence, loosing her father as a little girl exposed Joy and her 5 siblings to the realities of life in clear cut terms. She watched her mother; a young widow, rise to the challenge in filling the role of both father and mother; deliberately and inadvertently modeling for young Joy the strengths and resilience of the determined human spirit. From a very young age, Joy knew exactly what it was she wanted out of life and began taking practical, deliberate steps towards achieving her dreams. Today Joy Ndidi is an accomplished author, finance and accounting analyst, economist, businesswoman, life coach, youth mobilizer and so much more! She has consistently re-invented herself and her belief in the inherent power of the mind to design and reproduce the destination of its owner drives her strong advise to the youth. This is the message she takes around the world in mobilizing youth for effectiveness and maximized living through her Reactivate Great Minds Summit.

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Her name literally translates to "THE LEGENDARY ONE" and for Enitan Ibironke, life has lost its essence if it is not lived to the point that legends are made of.

A trained lawyer, certified etiquette coach, journalist and brand specialist, Enitan through her Legend Life Foundation is helping young Africans craft a narrative for their lives that is focused on bringing effective image and personal/corporate brand communication to their daily existence.

She believes that every life has and should tell a story and she is well on her way to ensuring that these stories are not only told, but factored into an overall scheme of humanity existence that drives self and others to maximum life and living.

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The 9-11 attacks on the world trade center in New York, pushed Hon. Adetola Salau, an engineer, to volunteer her expertise as a STEM Educator in the public school system of the City of New York. She was moved by the sense of shared loss, perceived hopelessness and vulnerability that loomed over her city in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks.

This same resolve to provide panacea to the seeming flaccidity in the Nigerian educational system led her to pack her bags and return home to Nigeria in the mid 2000s to spearhead a revolution in STEM Education (targeting the lower primary to upper secondary levels of Nigerian education).

To this daughter of educators, a career in education is a no-brainer as both her parents were Professors (her dad the late Professor Salau, serving as Vice-Chancellor at the University of Port Harcourt and her mum Prof. Oreoluwa Salau, Nigeria's first female meteorologist).

"PASSIONATE ABOUT STEM", Tola found innovative ways to merge her love for children, her passion for STEM and her deeply ingrained desire that children receive qualitative, affordable STEM education.

These she has passionately pursued through the Carisma-4-U Educational Foundation; a social enterprise set up by Tola on her return to Nigeria, through which she organizes free summer and recurrent STEM workshops for indigent children.

Today, she holds the forth as the Senior Special Assistant, STEM Education at the Lagos State Ministry of Education, where under the leadership of the Honorable Commissioner, she drives policy and designs programs for the improvement in learning outcomes and outputs in STEM education in Lagos State.

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Funke Oguntuga will not be silenced! As a young impressionable, 14 year old high school girl, Funke experienced what would leave many a 40 year old damaged for life! Her trust was broken, her abuse; though preventable, became an inevitable part of her life which shaped her in so many ways; most of which resulting in near self compromise, laced with an abashed undermining of her worth and treasure value.

26 years later, she would "RISE LIKE A PHOENIX" from the ashes of her past and is today leading the campaign against sexual and other forms of abuse against teenage girls and boys alike through her HeartMinders Societal Advancement Initiative.

She continues to be the spokesperson for over 500,000 high school students where she teaches sex education and preservation in 2 of the 6 Education Districts in Lagos State, Nigeria.

She is a leading provider of psychological support to rape victims and gender based violence survivors.

Funke has taken back power from the situations which sought to undermine her and she is running with it!

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Okeyinfu Ajayi Wears Many Hats as a Social Entrepreneur and Educator

Okeyinfu Ajayi is many things to many people! Her journey as a serial social entrepreneur has seen her wear several hats representing the different aspects of her unique foray.
In addition to founding and directing The Busyminds Group of Schools, Lekki, Okeyinfu runs Kavabé; a tech hub providing support to businesses (particularly women).
Her consulting roots run deep within the nonprofit and "for-profit" sectors and inspired "THE BUSINESS PROTOCOL"; a platform that gives expression to her deep yearning that organizations entrench corporate alignment and sublime culture within their institutional framework.
She takes the chair on this edition of The 3rd Sector and bares her mind on so much including "empathy" as a business protocol.

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Arresting Youthful Restlessness for National Development - Omopeju Afanu

Serial entrepreneur, Dr. Omopeju Afalu, shares her time between running Cooperhouse Hospitality Ltd (a vast conglomerate with vested interests in Hospitality and Real Estate development across major cities in Nigeria and Africa) and consulting with several world-class local & international organizations and agencies including the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Lagos State Employability Trust Fund (LSETF), Cross River State Government, Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Program, Delloite Women in Africa Mentoring Program, Friendship Ambassadors Foundation USA, Women Empowerment & Development Platform, etc.

She is a published author, an accomplished speaker, trainer, and panelist at conferences, symposia, and workshops across the globe. Extremely passionate about young Africans aligning their strengths with workable plans for success, join Dr. Peju as she shares with us on "MENTORING & ARRESTING YOUTH RESTIVENESS

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Girl CHild Education and Impact on Africa's Development - Clare Henshaw

Clare Henshaw, International Development Consultant and leading African social sector practitioner is well versed in grassroots mobilization and empowerment. Her years of meritorious service in the nonprofit sector have seen her oversee numerous international projects including the 2018/19 UNDP/Lagos State Employability Trust Fund intervention. Her passion for youth empowerment knows no cap and she shares with us, on this edition of The 3rd Sector, her vision and invaluable work in GIRL CHILD EDUCATION & ITS IMPACT ON NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT, on the platform of Girls Inspired Development Network; a nonprofit founded and executive directed by her.

2020-01-21 04:43:18.0

The Congenial Contradictions

She detests the word "women empowerment" because it connotes the idea that a woman should sit put until someone gives her power! She would rather have peer mentors across horizontal relationships! She believes in equal rights and privileges for all humans but would rather not be tagged "feminist"!

Nkem Onwudiwe, Founder, HER Network and convener, HN Woman of the Year Awards, is a lesson in "congenial-contradictions".

She tells her story on this episode of The 3rd Sector.

2020-01-21 04:43:18.0

Congenial Contradictions

Nkem Onwudiwe, Founder, HER Network, continues to utilize her lifestyle and inspirational platform to fan alive, the embers of passion, purpose, and potential in women.
Her expertise as a PR/Corporate communication strategist has taken her work (both online and offline) beyond the borders of her native Nigeria and Africa. She believes in equal rights for all, the inherent power in every human and the ability we have to self motivate and positively impact our world, and her globally renowned HER Network "Woman of the Year" Awards serves as a veritable platform where established and emerging women leaders are celebrated. There are many parts to Nkem Onwudiwe and they come together in "congenial contradictions"

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