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3rd Sector

3rd Sector

The show adopts the semi-formal indices of broadcasting to tell the stories of nonprofits in Africa and the individuals that run them, working assiduously to change the narrative and actual life experiences of 21st century Africans. This is an attempt at TELLING THE STORY OF AFRICAN RESILIENCE AND GRACE

2020-02-04 08:37:16.0

Okeyinfu Ajayi Wears Many Hats as a Social Entrepreneur and Educator

Okeyinfu Ajayi is many things to many people! Her journey as a serial social entrepreneur has seen her wear several hats representing the different aspects of her unique foray.
In addition to founding and directing The Busyminds Group of Schools, Lekki, Okeyinfu runs Kavabé; a tech hub providing support to businesses (particularly women).
Her consulting roots run deep within the nonprofit and "for-profit" sectors and inspired "THE BUSINESS PROTOCOL"; a platform that gives expression to her deep yearning that organizations entrench corporate alignment and sublime culture within their institutional framework.
She takes the chair on this edition of The 3rd Sector and bares her mind on so much including "empathy" as a business protocol.

2020-02-04 05:42:15.0

Arresting Youthful Restlessness for National Development - Omopeju Afanu

Serial entrepreneur, Dr. Omopeju Afalu, shares her time between running Cooperhouse Hospitality Ltd (a vast conglomerate with vested interests in Hospitality and Real Estate development across major cities in Nigeria and Africa) and consulting with several world-class local & international organizations and agencies including the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Lagos State Employability Trust Fund (LSETF), Cross River State Government, Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Program, Delloite Women in Africa Mentoring Program, Friendship Ambassadors Foundation USA, Women Empowerment & Development Platform, etc.

She is a published author, an accomplished speaker, trainer, and panelist at conferences, symposia, and workshops across the globe. Extremely passionate about young Africans aligning their strengths with workable plans for success, join Dr. Peju as she shares with us on "MENTORING & ARRESTING YOUTH RESTIVENESS

2020-02-04 05:12:30.0

Girl CHild Education and Impact on Africa's Development - Clare Henshaw

Clare Henshaw, International Development Consultant and leading African social sector practitioner is well versed in grassroots mobilization and empowerment. Her years of meritorious service in the nonprofit sector have seen her oversee numerous international projects including the 2018/19 UNDP/Lagos State Employability Trust Fund intervention. Her passion for youth empowerment knows no cap and she shares with us, on this edition of The 3rd Sector, her vision and invaluable work in GIRL CHILD EDUCATION & ITS IMPACT ON NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT, on the platform of Girls Inspired Development Network; a nonprofit founded and executive directed by her.

2020-01-21 04:43:18.0

The Congenial Contradictions

She detests the word "women empowerment" because it connotes the idea that a woman should sit put until someone gives her power! She would rather have peer mentors across horizontal relationships! She believes in equal rights and privileges for all humans but would rather not be tagged "feminist"!

Nkem Onwudiwe, Founder, HER Network and convener, HN Woman of the Year Awards, is a lesson in "congenial-contradictions".

She tells her story on this episode of The 3rd Sector.

2020-01-21 04:43:18.0

Congenial Contradictions

Nkem Onwudiwe, Founder, HER Network, continues to utilize her lifestyle and inspirational platform to fan alive, the embers of passion, purpose, and potential in women.
Her expertise as a PR/Corporate communication strategist has taken her work (both online and offline) beyond the borders of her native Nigeria and Africa. She believes in equal rights for all, the inherent power in every human and the ability we have to self motivate and positively impact our world, and her globally renowned HER Network "Woman of the Year" Awards serves as a veritable platform where established and emerging women leaders are celebrated. There are many parts to Nkem Onwudiwe and they come together in "congenial contradictions"

2020-01-15 09:38:18.0

Running a Profitable NonProfit - The Bottomline Indicator

Bottomline indicators may not be the primary focus of nonprofits but financial viability, nonetheless, is a required premium by nonprofits to implement impactful programs and projects.
Chidi Ezeigbo Koldsweat, (CEO, Donors for Africa), is our guest practitioner on this edition of The 3rd Sector. Having worked to raise over $51 million in donor grants over a 12-year career, she does know a thing or two about "RUNNING PROFITABLE NONPROFITS"

2020-01-15 09:32:53.0

Free Life-savings Surgery to Urban Slum Low-income Families - Dr Olowojebutu

Universal health coverage eludes the vast majority of Africans. While this remains a worrisome trend, the BENJAMIN OLOWOJEBUTU FOUNDATION headed by Dr. Benjamin Olowojebutu has made it a life purpose to deliver life-saving medical surgeries for free to rural and urban slum low-income families.

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