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Mumspring treats motherhood as a socioeconomic sector of every society by presenting real stories from countless mothers across the globe, setting off conversations with relevant experts and guest-moms so as to take motherhood from what-it-is to what-it-can-be in four segments.

2020-01-22 11:14:05.0

The Secrets Behind Being an Organized Mum

There’s nothing inspiring about a room full of unfinished projects staring at you; in the back of your mind, constantly reminding you that you have yet ANOTHER thing to do. 

Who else wants to be successful with being an organized mum?

In this episode, we talk about the pressure that balancing puts on us and how planning helps to declutter and gives us more peace and calm at home and at work.

Find answers to your burning questions about working while pregnant, maternity leaves and being an organized woman once you’re a mum.


Guests in order of appearance:

Tayo Afolabi

Founder, World PR Media

IG: @worldprmedia

Doyin Wilson-Diamond

Fixed Income Trader

Dr. Temi Adaramewa

Founder, Blood Plus Initiative

IG & Twitter: @bloodplus_ng


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2020-01-15 11:56:47.0

Using Mindfulness to Create a Healthier Mindset for 2020

Are you being mindful about your mindset? Does it really influence your outcome?

Lesson learned, being mindful when setting goals is about aligning your subconscious with your plans. Find out more about mindfulness and vision boarding when you listen to this week’s episode. Also, do you struggle with working remotely, discover Lade Balogun’s top tip for making your company's flexible work policies work for you?

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2020-01-08 12:15:01.0

Rediscovering Yourself as A Mother

The show begins with an intriguing trip aboard the MOTHERSHIP with a steaming topic about ”MBAs and Motherhood”. 

Here, Bisola talks with Ope about the realities of going back to school as a mom & how she managed to bag an MBA degree while trying to actively raise a toddler.

The show takes on a more fascinating twist as we delve into an enlightening discussion with Morenikeji; a certified Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach about the importance of Folic Acid in Pregnancy and as a woman in general.

It only gets better as we round up with Toyosi a 9-5 shero and an entrepreneur who is making big waves in the media space in Nigeria.

Get ready to feel inspired, empowered, energized, understood and seen like never before.

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