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2018-01-11 03:01:00.0

8 Things Top Real Estate Agents Do That Others Don't

These are some of the general principles that Wendy coaches & trains Top producing real estate agents helps separate them from the rest.  Always Keep the Marketing Department Open It’s the very rare real estate agent that consistently & proactively, generates leads for new business for even 1 or 2 hours per day.   But it is this small percentage of agents that earn the vast majority of all real estate commissions.   Aim to beat the 80 / 20 Pareto Principle that states 20% of your agents do 80% of the business Avoid the real estate roller coaster by generating leads daily.   High-volume agents don’t just service existing business and then panic & start lead generating once they have closed the majority of their transactions.   Instead, they block time to do something each business day that gets them closer to earning a new client.   In a nutshell, there are 3 ways to be successful in real estate: By Default: live in the same area for years where everyone knows you and eventually sends you business; or  By Design: time-block a relatively small portion of each business day to proactively generate new leads  or employ a dedicated canvasser. Wendy Machanik is an established expert in her respective fields.  Wendy personally sold over R2.4 billion worth of property as a Real Estate agent Wendy has created a high impact, one day workshop for both beginner and veteran Real Estate agents that is guaranteed to blow you away and equip you with skills you have only dreamed about. For more information contact SuperStart Strategies

2017-12-07 12:13:00.0

Spreading Property Knowledge - Tebogo Malepeng

South African Government is actively involved in the property sector, having provided more than 4 million houses since 1994.This sector in our country is valued at approximately 7 trillion rands, with the subsidized sector being valued at 1.5 trillion rands. However, less than 5% of the sector is owned or managed by Black people and Africans in particular. Source: MoneyWeb Africa Business radio (ABR) is actively involved in Broadcasting property education via its property show slot. . Gaven has created a technology to teach 3,125 jobless youth (5Mentors*25coaches*25students) to provide property services in 9 provinces (especially townships) to clients & businesses. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Technology as the practical application of knowledge, especially in a particular area. Property related services; residential/commercial, sales/rentals, property/project/facilities management, sourcing stock for investors, Bonds & creative finance solutions i.e. installment of sale.

2017-12-05 07:14:00.0

From Hotdog Vendor To Property Guru - Choppee Journey

On this episode, we draw some lessons from the life of one of South Africa's successful Real Estate Entrepreneur, Yusus Essa. In his book, 'The Choppee Journey' Yusuf Essa affectionately known as Choppee illustrates that his journey from rags to riches can be yours as well. From a humble beginning, Choppee displayed entrepreneurial tendencies; His Dad passed away when he was still young and that left Choppee with a hard decision, either to further his studies and be supported by his older brother or abandon school to join his mum in the family business.

2017-10-27 11:39:00.0

SA's Estate Agency Affairs Board - Youth Brigade Programme

We started the show with Gaven and Wendy Mechanic discussing how to start a real estate business. Zuni Mbebe and gaven further discuss the current transformations within South African real estate industry. The 'One Learner - One Estate Agency' Youth Empowerment Brigade Programme is aimed at placing intern estate agents in the service of registered estate agency enterprises so that they may act under the supervision and control of a suitably qualified mentor as they take their journey from Intern Estate Agent to Professional Practitioner in Real Estate and finally Master Practitioner in Real Estate. This internship period is intended to equip intern estate agents with the required property market experiential learning while they obtain the necessary real estate qualifications to qualify as Property Practitioners.

2017-10-19 08:23:00.0

Solitaire Estate Agent or Working in Group - Which is Better?

Gaven Malope and Wendy Mechanik discuss some of the advantages of working alone as an estate agent and also working in a group of agents. We concluded the show with our guest, Lucky Lucas Malekane on his journey to property development business.

2017-09-10 12:30:00.0

The Ecosystem of The SA's Property Industry - Dr Nkhumeleni & Mr Mashilo Pitjeng

Dr F.S Nkhumeleni is the brain behind a Special group of property investors mainly made up of Doctors .started 6 companies pty ltd with 10 shareholders each totalling 60 investors . They put the funds together to buy properties cash and rent them out. They currently have over 200 properties combined including individual properties . Mr Mashilo Pitjeng , The Chairman of the Property sector council committe. unanimous agreed with Dr Nkhumeleni that those who are on top of the ecosystem must send the lift down so that others might be empowered.

2017-08-29 09:27:00.0

The Common Sense of Property Development in South Africa

Mr Henry Chitsulo highlgighted on various professional team involved in developing a property in South Africa. A property developer is the entrepreneur, the dreamer, the visionary, who puts the project together in concultation with his/her team.

2017-08-22 08:56:00.0

Understand The Product Called 'Property' - Mashilo Pitjeng

On today's show, Brandon went deeper on the South African Rental Act. We were also joined in the studio by Mr Mashilo Pitjeng, he's the chairperson of the research committee of the Property Sector Charter Council of South Africa. Mr Mashilo is Encouraging Black South African To Understand The Product Called 'Property', its uses, its meaning and the importance of having comprehensive education.

2017-08-01 10:08:00.0

Gaven, Rui, Jonathan and Janine discuss Property And Real Estate in South Africa

Rui Marto discussing various case laws such as cohabitation agreement between unmarried partners. Janine De Jesus from KW Elite also joins the conversation.

2017-08-01 09:13:00.0

The Concluding Part of Conveyancing Process in South Africa

Today, Theo from Marto Lafitte joins Gaven Malope and Jonathan on the show. We discuss the roles of bond attorneys, transferring attorneys and cancellation attorneys.

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