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A birdseye view of top news from around the world, Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle Eats, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, etc. over a period of 7 days with Titi Oyinsan.

2021-10-25 03:09:00.0

Nigerian Youths Commemorate #endsars victims; 1st Black US Sec. of States Died of Covid-19; Kidnappers in Haiti Demand $17 million...

The leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, Sheikh IBRAHEEM EL-ZAKZAKY, has sued the Minister of Justice and the Department of State Services to court over his prolonged detention and the refusal of the government to release his passport. The Kidnappers of Missionaries in Haiti has demanded for a total sum of $17 million for the release of their victims, requesting $1 million each as a ransom for each of the victims. The Nigerian youth commemorate the victim of the #endsars protest that rocked the country in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic. The first Black US secretary of State reported died of covid-19 complications.

2021-10-16 04:23:00.0

British Lawmaker Stabbed to Death; Nigerian Activist Pastor Demands New Constitution; Iraq Captures Terrorist Cheif; Kenyan Child Serial-Killer Lynched...

Nigerian Activist Pastor Tunde Bakare forms a new movement tagged 'Nigeria for Nigerians' while also demanding a National new constitution. British Lawmaker David Amess reported dead on Friday after being stabbed severally at a church during his constituency meeting. A popular child serial killer in Kenya reported being lynched by a mob of angry people. Iraq has declared that he has captured the leader of a terrorist group formerly declared wanted by the United States.

2021-10-10 05:39:00.0

Nigerian Governors Teamed up on VAT Suit; World Leaders Denied Wrong Doing Over Pandora Leaks; YouTube Removes R.Kely Channel After Conviction on Sex Charges..

Governors of South-South Nigeria to launch a regional security Outfit to fight insurgence and Bandits attacks. Pandora Papers Leak rocks the world, however, world leaders implicated in the leak denied any wrongdoing. 10 Nigerians, 3 Ghana politicians, and 8 African countries, in all there 336 listed politicians implicated as well, the papers exposed a hidden world of shielded wealth. The 12 million files represent the biggest leak in history. In Sport, Naomi Osaka drops out of the women's top 10. 35 people killed in ethnic crisis in South Sudan, the cause of the violence is not clear as yet. Nigerian doctors suspend the industrial strike action. Google affirms its commitment to invest $1 billion into Africa's digital transformation over the next 5 years. Brazillian Footballer charged with murder after kicking referee in the head.



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