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On-Air Book Club

On-Air Book Club

An informative and educative podcast focused on building and developing reading and literary interest amongst the youth and showcasing African authors and their literary works on the show. The reading culture is fast becoming extinct in homes and the podcast is meant to bring back the days of reading culture.

2021-12-06 08:47:00.0

African Power Girls Written By Adebola Williams

Titilayo Oyinsan Reads from African Power Girls written by Adebola Williams. The co-founder and Group CEO of RED | For Africa, the continent’s leading one-stop storytelling shop with the largest portfolio of youth-focused media brands including Red Media Africa, StateCraft Inc., The Future Awards Africa, and Y!/ A pioneer at the intersection of media, democracy, and social change, Adebola has been profiled by Forbes and CNN as the man who helped elect a trifecta of Presidents in Africa. His journey in media and television began in the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) with advocacy for youth and good governance.

2021-11-15 03:46:00.0

In Every Mirror She's Black Written By Lola Akinmade Akerstrom

Titilayo Oyinsan Speaks with LOLA AKINMADE AKERSTROM, a Nigerian American who is based in Sweden. She is an award-winning author, speaker, and photographer. Her work has appeared in National Geographic Traveller, the Guardian, Sunday Times Travel, the Telegraph, New York Times, Travel + Leisure, State, and Adventure Magazine and on BBC, CNN, Travel Channel, and Lonely Planet, among others. In addition to contributing to several books, she is the author of Due North, 2018 Lowell Thomas Award winner for the best travel book, and bestselling LAGOM: Swedish Secret of Living Well, available in over seventeen foreign languages editions. She has been recognized with multiple awards for her work, including the 2018 Travel Photographer of the Year Bill Muster Award, and she was honoured with a MIPAD ( Most Influential People of African Descent) 100 Award within media and culture in 2018.

2021-10-15 08:06:00.0

"Destination Mastery" written by Dr. Ruben West

Titithedynamite reads from "Destination Mastery " written by Dr. Ruben West, a true one-of-a-kind in the speaking and training industry. What sets him apart is not just his unique abilities to motivate, transform and inspire on the stage, but rather the vast and varied experiences and successes he achieved prior to taking the stage. Together with trusted associates, Dr. West started several businesses generating millions of dollars, developed patented products all while inspiring others to dream on a larger scale. As a speaker Dr. West has the unique ability to challenge audience members to take a personal inventory, think outside the box, and strive for new levels of excellence. Having spoken for groups and organizations around the world.

2021-10-15 07:58:00.0

The Magic of Emotional Intelligence By Abiola ‘Champ’ Salami

Titi Oyinsan Sits down with the author of the book "The Magic of Emotional Intelligence" Abiola ‘Champ’ Salami. He is a World-class Performance Coach committed to raising world-class leaders and improving the productive capacity and brand perception of organizations and governments. He is an alumnus of Harvard University, Lagos Business School, and the American Government

2021-10-15 07:53:00.0

The Smart Money Tribe Written by Arese Ugwu

Titithedynamite reads from the book "The Smart Money Tribe written by The Author Arese Ugwu a lady who is leading the charge in guiding young Africans as they start their journey to financial literacy. The success of her first book ‘The Smart Money Woman’ led her to a wildly successful Pan-African book tour and spawned ‘The Smart Money Woman’ television series, of which she is Executive Producer. She is also the co-executive producer and host of BusinessDay

2021-10-15 07:25:00.0

Think! Move Your Life Forward on Purpose - Jimi Tewe

Titithedynamite reads from the self-help book titled "Think," by Jimi Tewe, a Human Capacity Development Expert with almost two decades of experience

2021-09-27 04:10:00.0

Mum At-last - Dealing With Unspoken Misconception About Surrogacy in Africa

Toyin Lolu – Ogunmade is the Founder and CEO of Precious Conceptions, Nigeria’s Foremost Holistic Family Building Consultancy. The company provides holistic fertility advisory, counseling, specialist referrals, wellness

2021-09-16 04:46:00.0

Collide - GPS for a New Generation

Collide – the book is a philosophical excursion of the inner wirings of the mind, and the making sense of outer phenomena - LEKE ALDER Moses Ida-Michaels is an experienced Counsellor, Speaker, and Writer dedicated to working with young adults. He has authored works on Cultivating Mental Strength, Finding Fulfilment, and Total Wellness.

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