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Doing Business in Africa

Doing Business in Africa

Africa may present some challenges to doing business, but to those who are willing to learn and understand the intricacy of the region, there are massive opportunities for growth and success. Rania, Samar & Soji traverse the length and breadth of Africa from Cape Town, South Africa, to Cairo, Egypt. 

2022-04-18 05:34:00.0

Energizing Africa _ Ash Pirzadeh

We're in the top 13! Our very own Energizing Africa podcast has just been named as one of the best 25 solar energy podcasts in the world!  We're ranked at number 13 and we have only released 6 episodes!

2022-03-23 10:41:00.0

Energizing Africa _ Naeem Joosub

The quest for solar innovation is not an easy one. There are many challenges that need to be faced. But, we can't give up now, because of the benefits that solar power provides.  Let’s hear it from the expert then in this exclusive interview with Naeem Joosub, Sales Manager, South Africa, Trina Solar.

2022-02-22 06:32:00.0

Energizing Africa - Lourens Vermaak

Come and join us in this new episode of Energizing Africa, We interview.... Regional Sales Manager, Africa, Trina Solar.  Where we are going to answer  the following questions: 1.    Globally, what are the Trends in the Solar Energy Industry to 2022?  2.    What is the potential use of solar energy in the industrial sector in Africa?

2022-02-14 09:33:00.0

Energizing Africa - Residential Sector

In this new episode of Energizing Africa, Sam…, Regional Sales Manager, Africa- Trina Solar, going to share with us the latest trends in the use of solar energy in the residential sector and together with the potential ahead of Africa!  Want to know what are the challenges that are facing Africa in realizing the mine of resources in this domain, listen to Sam and Samar Now.  This show is brought to you by Trina Solar the world’s leader in PV and solar energy solutions.

2021-12-22 07:47:00.0

Energizing Africa-Mehdi Alami

Get to know The role of the Agriculture sector in shaping the future of Africa, hosting Mehdi Alami in this episode of Energizing Africa.

2021-12-19 11:22:00.0

Energizing Africa - Viviana Garcia

You'll be energized by the solar energy conversation If you're looking for a new podcast to listen to, then look no further! Energizing Africa Podcast is all about solar energy and how it can change for better for people in Africa.

2021-10-09 07:23:00.0

Doing Business in Africa With Banji Ajilore; Trade Dynamics Between Middle-East and Sub-Saharan Africa

Banji Ajilore is a resourceful Business Advisor and Certified Management Consultant. He is an angel investor and a member of Business Network International (BNI). He is the founder and Managing Partner of Pinnacle Business Solutions (PBS), a business advisory firm based in Lagos, Nigeria that provides startup advisory services, facilitates fundraising and partnerships, support regulatory compliance, and offers business support services to startups, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

2021-06-05 01:40:00.0

Doing Business in Africa - Building Materials

In this new episode of Doing Business in Africa, we focus on the building materilas market in Africa, how the sector should face the competition from the low-priced companies in the market?  How Africa would benefit from establishing an intra-African building materials council, all is discussed in the new episode with Waleed Gamal El Din, Chairman of Egyptian Export Council for Building Materilas, Refractory and and Metalic Industries.

2021-05-29 02:27:00.0

Doing Business in Africa - Trina Solar

The future of renewable energy in Africa, where are the opportunities, and what's needed to tap on them.  A new episode of Doing Business in Africa, with Diaa Eid, Regional Manager, Middle East

2021-04-05 11:38:00.0

Doing Business in Africa - GoDaddy - Selina Bieber

How do you think small businesses have managed themselves during the pandemic? And how does GoDaddy help them? Join us in this conversation with the Senior Regional Director - MENA

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