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Privacy Notes

Privacy Notes

Privacy Notes: The Podcast is a weekly podcast designed to address the issues of Data Protection, Privacy, Cybersecurity, and other related issues. Privacy Notes: The Podcast is brought to you by Taxaide Technologies Limited (Taxtech) in conjunction with the NDPR Academy.

2020-09-25 05:58:00.0

Caught Napping? Liabilities, Penalties and Remedies under the NDPR.

The enforcement regime under the data protection law are tougher and the litigation risk is much more pronounced. There are also significant restrictions on liability. This means a bigger stick for the regulator, more rights for the individual as well as rights for pressure groups.

2020-09-17 06:28:55.0

The Dos and Don’ts of Data Protection Compliance

Statistics say more than half of the world's population currently use a smartphone. This data from suggests that up to 50 percent of everyone in our world today have personal information stored on their mobile devices. This could also be so because about half of the world's web traffic comes from smartphone users. This data is being collected and processed directly or indirectly by Controllers or Administrators. To this end, there's a need to ensure the activities of controllers or administrators are in accordance with a lawful purpose consent by the Data subject. Today on Privacy Notes, Michael Sile and Urenna Ukonne of TaxTech will tell us about the Dos and Don'ts of Data Protection Compliance. Their conversation will focus on Data Protection Audits and Data Protection Impact Assessments. They will also highlight the processes involved in each activity.

2020-09-11 03:43:22.0

Transferring of Personal Data and Its Implications

As a data subject, you have a right to know the location of your personal information. You should also be aware of the safeguards that are in place to protect your data from exploitation. Why is this coming up? Because, from time to time, organisations and government agencies will transfer data between themselves or between servers. There are risks involved during the transfer process. These risks usually centre around adequate protection of data while it is being transferred. Michael Sile and Urenna Ukonne of TaxTech are here to give a better understanding of the risks involved during local or international transfer of data. This, however, comes after an introduction to the nature and basis for transferring Personal Data. Check out our website,, for more on protecting your data from cyber criminals. You can also become a Privacy Professional through our NDPR Academy.

2020-09-04 05:00:37.0

What does the Data Controller or Administrator really do?

In 2018, the personal details of about 80,000 Nigerian patients who participated in the HIV/AIDS Indicator and Impact Survey were at risk of being exposed. The success of the exercise, which was one of the world’s biggest HIV surveys ever, was almost diminished following the use of a user-friendly and once open source database management system that was not properly secured. That incident involved a lack of expertise or naivety on the part of the data controllers or administrators. This will be the focus of this episode of Privacy Notes. On this episode, we will look at the concepts of the Data Controller, Data Administrator and other related roles of the Data Protection Officer. This episode also takes a look at Third Party and Data Protection Compliance Organisation as used under the NDPR; setting out their rules and time-sensitive obligations. Check out our website,, for more on protecting your data from cyber criminals. You can also become a Privacy Professional through our NDPR Academy.

2020-08-28 04:13:10.0

Enforcing Your Rights as a Data Subject: The Grey Areas

In 2017, British company Cambridge Analytica collected large databases of personal information without being checked. This was a wake-up call for many data subjects, organisations and government. However, it has not ended the act of data exploitation which is big business. As a data subject, what rights do you have over your personal data that has been collected with or without your consent? The knowledge of one's rights as a data subject cannot be overemphasized. However, it is not just enough to KNOW your rights as a data subject, it is expedient to be able to ENFORCE said rights.

2020-08-21 03:49:02.0

Guide to Personal Data Processing - What you should know

24.5% of Nigerians have their data captured online. This includes personal information such as date of birth, contact information, occupation, and details of people close to you. Have you ever wondered how your personal information is processed? Who has access to it? Who is the controller of your personal information which has a valuation of about 240 dollars, depending on who you ask? On this episode of Privacy Notes, Urenna Ukonne and Michael Sile from TaxTech will discuss all you need to know about Personal Data Processing.

2020-08-14 05:25:14.0

Data Protection and the Law - Is the Law on your side?

Ever so often, we are required to provide our personal information - either for public or private goods and services. It could be while trying to buy a new SIM card, or purchasing a new mobile phone. It could even be while trying to apply for a job or after you have been offered a job. In other instances, it could be during the process of announcing the birth of a new child or notifying the coroner over someone's demise. Whatever the instance is, we are trusting someone to protect our personal information. A study in 2018 found that the personal information of an average subject was worth about 240 U.S. dollars. With over 2.6 billion users on Facebook alone, the cost of personal data on the social microblogging is about 642 billion U.S. dollars. This makes the sale of personal data quite lucrative, doesn't it?

2020-08-07 11:47:46.0

Building Trust Through Privacy Awareness

Trust is an important part of business, It is one of the benefits smaller organizations reap better than any global conglomerate. When you buy something from a local store, you know who you are buying it from and any problems that arise are expected to be handled locally. This is why many consumers shop at local establishments. They believe they can trust that business more than others. In this episode of Privacy Notes, we'll discuss how drawing from this trustworthy local business model can help when developing privacy awareness within an organization. Check out our website,, for more on protecting your data from cybercriminals. You can also become a Privacy Professional through our NDPR Academy.

2020-07-31 06:16:00.0

Top Privacy Mistakes to Watch Out For and How To Avoid Them

As an employee, you are required to remember countless privacy regulations and policies. This requires the use of privacy programmes to monitor and reinforce positive behavior all the time. However, when a privacy incident is reported, it could come as a surprise, even a shock! Many incidents occur even as employees believe they are doing the right thing, but instead, they are putting the company at risk.

2020-07-24 11:52:47.0

The Guidelines for Managing Personal Data by Public Institutions in Nigeria

Every time you fill an online form, you are putting your personal information in the public domain. This information usually includes your photograph, bank details, identification number, location, contact details, occupation, and telephone number. Your data is then processed by a Data Controller, which in some cases could be a public institution. There are 6 lawful bases for processing Personal Data as provided by the Nigeria Data Protection Regulation. Today on Privacy Notes, we will be looking at the regulatory guidelines for obtaining and protecting your personal information. Check out our website,, for more on protecting your data from cyber criminals. You can also become a Privacy Professional through our NDPR Academy.

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