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Truliving Africa

Truliving Africa

A mental shift from being reactive about health and wellbeing to become more proactive so that new habits are formed and a Wellness focused cultural shift is achieved in Africa.

2020-07-20 04:54:19.0

Pillars Of Movement: Flexibility Series Part 1

Movement is one of the primary functions of the body and a requirement for our bodies to stay healthy. We outline basic and instinctive movement which have formed the pillars of modern exercise, starting with flexibility. 

2020-07-20 04:50:28.0

Food Craving Part 1

How do you fight cravings on your wellness journey ? Join us as we explore different food cravings and what they mean for your body. 

2020-07-20 04:43:32.0

Finding your Inner Quiet: Meditation Part 2

We are back with Being_present author Fola Pinhero about different types of meditation. Did you know there was such a thing as movement mediation for those of us who cant sit still. 

2020-07-20 04:40:48.0

Finding Your Inner Quiet : Meditation Part 1

Meditation is a powerful and natural practice for many ailments. It improves you health by strengthening your immune system , reducing blood pressure and lowering cholesterol levels. We talk with Guest speaker Fola Pinhero in this two part series about how he found his inner quiet. 

2020-06-10 05:54:00.0

Obesity Series: Part 2

Obesity is a multifaceted problem. It isn’t as simple as calories in and out. Did you know there were hidden causes? Who would have thought.. join us in this episode to find out. 

2020-06-10 05:48:51.0

Covid Facemasks – To Wear or Not to Wear?

We explore the mandated facemasks for the public during covid 19 crisis. While these measures are said to protect us, in what ways are we and our policy makers neglecting the potentially dangerous side effects?

2020-06-10 05:42:00.0

Obesity Series: Part 1

We begin a look at a global epidemic and why obesity is such a big deal. How do we prevent and manage this silent killer in our lives. We explore physiological, psychological, emotional, and other hidden factors behind intentional and unintentional obesity; and what you can do about it. 

2020-06-08 04:04:00.0

Lockdown weight gain: We are calling it Lockdown 2020!

The lockdown is a big excuse for putting on weight, from the lack of movement to emotional eating. We give you tips on how to curb the weight gain and maintain a healthy weight.

2020-06-08 03:58:00.0

Boosting your immune system. Facts and Myths

We build up the previous episode on immunity boosters and look at some of the major trends out there on boosting your immunity and we separate the facts from the myths.  

2020-06-08 03:35:34.0

Mental Wellbeing

There is so much changing in our world and our lives right now, the Covid 19 pandemic and the economic ripple effects flowing from it is changing what normal will look like for us all. It is a lot to process at the same time. Our mental resilience and wellbeing is key for us to navigate the changes. Listen in as we process some tips on keeping our mental balance and staying on top.  

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News Updates

  • Oil Price Shows Little Change

  • Reserve Bank Of India Leaves Repo Rates At 4%

  • Bank of England Maintains Interest Rate At Record Low

  • US Warns ISWAP, Al-Qaeda Taking over West Africa.

  • Japan Marks 75th Anniversary Of Hiroshima Atomic Bomb

  • Facebook And Twitter Restrict Trump Accounts Over Harmful Virus Claim

  • Tiktok To Open $500m Data Centre In Ireland

  • Mozambique Declares Second Virus Emergency

  • Botswana Bans Alcohol Sales

  • Gambian President Declares State Of Emergency