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Truliving Africa

Truliving Africa

A mental shift from being reactive about health and wellbeing to become more proactive so that new habits are formed and a Wellness focused cultural shift is achieved in Africa.

2020-03-11 05:56:38.0

Understanding The Human Body and How it Works As a Unit

 In this foundational episode, we talk about how our bodies house our mind and spirit. It is designed to get us from point A-B. Understanding your body as an integrated system helps you take better care of it. Join us on this journey and learn more

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News Updates

  • G20 leaders pledge to inject 5 trillion into the global economy

  • China offers help to US against Coronavirus

  • United State surpass China and Italy with new cases of Coronavirus

  • Toyota Motor Corporation in Asia seeks credits line

  • Asian shares continues stock rally

  • European shares falls to 1.8%

  • UK Prime Minister tests positive for COVID0-19.

  • Africa Development Bank seeks record 3-billion-dollar debt issue to fight coronavirus;

  • National bank of Ethiopia makes plan to inject 15 billion birr into private banks

  • South Africa records more than 1,000 cases of COVID-19