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2020-02-14 03:32:25.0

Handling Romance in Business

According to the World Bank, Africa is the only region in the world where more women than men choose to become entrepreneurs.
To reflect the prowess of women as shapers of the future, Africa Business radio presents a brand new show: "Shepreneur"
A show that highlights the achievements and accomplishments of women shaping Africa through enterprise.
This valentine's day, we explore the relationship between love and business success on the maiden episode of ShePreneur. Our guest is on this episode is Didi, CEO of Lagos Matchmaker.
ShePreneur is a show that highlights the accomplishments of the women who are shaping Africa through enterprise. We also empower women entrepreneurs to reach their full potential.
ShePreneur is hosted by the dynamic Winnie (@winniedawinner) and Abisola (@thebisola), the enterprise builder. ShePreneur is produced by Africa Business Radio.

2019-01-24 12:19:00.0

The art of persuasion – Acting skills in business

We ae back and bigger than before, it is the Big Shot show with the coolest Hosts to ever grace your air waves, your lady Olga AKA Olgeezy and the one who reigns from the centre of Africa, Coco de Congo bringing you what your favourite African celebrities are up to in business and how they keep hot! It’s 7pm CAT! If you are listening to us on the African Business Radio App, we send you nothing but love & blessings! Stay tuned to hear who we have as guests this. Be prepared to be educated and electrified as We are here to inspire you by bringing on the show your favourite celebrities who own businesses and I also give you tips & tricks on how to be just like them and flourish, grow, inspire in business.

2019-01-17 09:24:00.0

Identifying and sustain and your entrepreneurial calling.

Since it’s the beginning of the year, we thought it would be a good idea to start with entrepreneurship. I know we are not all called to be entrepreneurs, but if you ever get the calling, well today it is all about you. We look into what makes an entrepreneur, how do you know you’ve been called to be an entrepreneur, and how to stay winning! With us today we have the beautiful lady called Dolapo Lawal. She has worked for a couple of businesses but something kept pushing her towards entrepreneurship. She couldn’t resist the force so she started her own company called Circle25. We can’t wait to hear from her and what Circle25 is all about.

2018-11-13 11:09:00.0

Emerging economies in Africa

On today’s show we will talk about emerging economies in Africa. Over the past weeks we’ve been speaking to people from different industries, from entertainment to property and it’s been very insightful, however, for us to be just like our favorite celebrities we need to understand the different industries that are out there and what fits better for you. Also you want to stay top of your game as an entrepreneur so it’s best to understand where are the people going, what’s bring in the money and what isn’t. We also dive into factors that affect the growth of an industry. So that’s what our focus will be on tonight.

2018-09-29 06:23:00.0

Understanding Serial Entrepreneurship With Byron Cole

On today’s show, we speak about entrepreneurship. But not just any kind of entrepreneurship- it’s serial entrepreneurship. I’ve been hearing a lot about being a serial entrepreneur and tonight we are going to find out what this means and how to become one. We have the one and one, multi-award-winning, #1 best selling author based in the UK. Who is also a philanthropist and a serial entrepreneur, please help me welcome Byron Cole.

2018-09-06 04:46:00.0

The Challenges of Entertainment Consulting with Victoria Nkong.

We have the amazing Victoria NKong hailing all the way from West Africa. She is an entertainment consultant, event manager, public speaker, entrepreneur, and author. Wow! I’m speechless! So Victoria will let us in on her world and how she keeps ahead in the entertainment industry. As also it will be interesting to know how women challenge men in the Industry because you know women are rising in the entertainment industry but there is still a strong male presence right? But Victoria has a formula and I can’t wait to find out more.

2018-08-22 11:16:00.0

African Women Doing It Big In Music and Fashion Business - Yvonne Darcq

On today's show, We’ are chatting to an entertainer and businesswoman Yvonne Darcq., we talking about her multiracial identity; her music touches many souls and makes one proud of being African. We are also going to talk about women in the music industry and her fashion line. From music to fashion to what’s next for Yvonne? #BigShot on Africa Business Radio. Tell your friends to tell their friends, to tell their friends to their community to tune in on #BigShot!

2018-08-10 03:36:00.0

Your Physical Fitness Affects Your Chance of Success in Business - Rachael Okesola

On this episode of Bigshot, Olga and Coco are looking at how your health can affect your business. Not a lot of people think about their health especially when they are just starting their own business – they want to put in more hours than usual and that is fine but also consider that your health can affect your productivity. Your health affects your mental stability, affects your ability to control your emotions, and it affects your persistent business drive. If your health is bad then your business will suffer due to your lack of energy and focus. Our guest on the show is Rachael Okesola who is a nutritionist and health and fitness mentor AKA Health Success Coach and we find out about her profession, why the interest in business health and also how she can help us to provide solutions to any problems you may face as a business person or an entrepreneur.

2018-08-06 03:27:00.0

The World of Interior Design and iIs Growth in Africa

On today’s show, we look at interior designing. It's funny how we always thought to be an interior designer you have to just know how to blend, but NO! it’s a job and a half! A very interesting one at that. We have an amazing interior designer in the house named THE GREAT BOKABA from lovely South Africa! We've seen his work and I was blown away! It’s all about design, construction, blending, color, TV show judge on the show today, so! get your pens and paper ready because you are about to get the most epic lecture in your life.

2018-07-19 05:29:00.0

FinTech And Cryptocurrency Will Revolutionized Doing Business in Africa - Lady Victoria Walker

Do you want to be a Bitmogul?! Lady Victoria Walker is the Author of The Bitmogul Guide and CEO Founder of the Bitmogul Academy..acquiring knowledge in the FinTech industry, she is able to identify the pros and cons of blockchain technology. She educates us about cryptocurrency and digital currency and how it impacts Africa.



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