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Red Tape

Red Tape

We deep dive into how specific government policies across the African continent have impacted the day-to-day operations and long term prospects of businesses in the countries concerned. The show offers a mix of diagnostic analysis, policy recommendation, and Pan-African business intelligence, which is currently unavailable anywhere else on the radio.

2019-10-22 06:58:20.0

The Implications of Anti-Business Legislation on Kenyan Economy

In this episode of Red Tape Africa, Cash Estates CEO Eleanya Eke sits down with host David Hundeyin to talk about anti-business legislation passed by the Kenyan government and its implication as a microcosm for African government actions.

2019-10-22 06:37:43.0

The Implications of Partial/Total Import Ban on Nigerian Export - Cheta Nwanze and Stanley Ikechukwu

On Episode 3 of Red Tape Africa, David welcomes SBM Intelligence Head of Research Cheta Nwanze and SBM Head of Primary Data Stanley Ikechukwu to discuss the implications of Nigeria's total import and export ban for businesses and consumers around the country.

2019-10-03 06:34:35.0

The Implication of Nigeria's Border Closure on Businesses and Internal Politics - Eugene Uzo and Solomon Igberaese

On the premiere episode, host David Hundeyin sits down with public affairs analyst Eugene Uzor and legal expert Solomon Igberaese to discuss the impact and implications of the closure of Nigeria's borders on businesses, international relations and internal politics. We also hear from a young entrepreneur who describes her experience dealing with the new policy.

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