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2020-01-23 12:11:13.0

"Women Are Ready to Bend-Over Backward to Help Other Women Within a Structured Framework" - Amina Oyagbola

In her words, Women are ready and willing to bend over backward to accommodate and help other women, this is been the story of WISCA, says the founder Amina Oyagbola.

Amina Oyagbola is a Philanthropist and Global Business Leader in Lagos, Nigeria. She is also the founder of WISCAR (Women in Successful Careers). WISCA runs a mentorship program for young female professionals in Nigeria. The program matches the mentor with the mentee after the mentee has articulated what her career aspirations are and has also chosen to pursue a career as a corporate professional. According to Amina, she has been on this journey for 11 years and they have proven that the methodology works and now they are working on scaling the program globally. Mentoring 37 Mentees this year and hopefully will be doubling the number in 2021.

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2019-12-13 03:20:10.0

Young People Can Fix This World - French Minister of State, Gabriel Attal

Visiting Nigeria and the City of Lagos for the first time, Gabriel Attal, the Minister attached to the French Ministry of National Education and Youth branched at Africa Business Radio Studio and had a chat with our CEO about Entrepreneurship and African Youth. In his words, "Young people are currently very aspirational and they want to change the world"

2019-12-11 01:36:28.0

The Art of Tech Lagos 1.0. is a Game Changer - Michelle Omoregha

Michelle is a member of the organizing committee, she speaks about the impact of the Art of Tech Lagos 1.0.

2019-12-11 01:23:11.0

Art of Tech 1.0. - Nigerian Farmers Are Going Techy

The Farming Prophet, Jareed Ibrahim speaks to Shepheard about How Nigerian farmers are using technology.

2019-12-11 01:16:33.0

Art of Tech 1.0. - It's Now Clear to Everyone That The Future is Digital - Babajide Asegbeloyin

Babajide Asegbeloyin Speaks on What FCMB is Doing on Agric-Tech and he also elaborated on the current reality that the future will be digitally driven.

2019-12-10 05:13:47.0

Art of Tech 1.0: Weyimi Eribo Shares Her Entrepreneurship Experience

At the just-concluded Art of Technology 1.0 in Lagos, Weyimi Eribo Shares Her Entrepreneurship Experience.

2019-12-10 05:09:03.0

Art of Tech 1.0: The Starting Point of a Business isn't an Idea - Lanre philips

Dr. Lanre Philips was a speaker at the just concluded Art of Technology 1.0. in Lagos. He spoke about a minimum viable product, particularly emphasizing that the Starting Point of a Business isn't an Idea.

2019-12-10 05:01:07.0

Art of Tech 1.0.: Making Mobility Safe, Accessible and Affordable in Lagos

The CEO of Max ng had a chat with the Africa Business Radio team on-site at the just concluded Art of Technology 1.0. in Lagos.

2019-12-10 04:55:18.0

Art of Tech 1.0.: Discussion on The African Digital Natives

Ayotunde Coker had a chat with the Africa Business Radio team on-site, discussing The African Digital Natives and the current landscape.

2019-12-10 04:47:00.0

Art of Tech 1.0.: Supporting Tomorrow's Dangote Today - Timi Olagunju

Art the just concluded Art of Technology 1.0. Timi Olagunju had with Africa Business Radio on-site.

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