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2019-03-06 01:00:00.0

Education Technology – Digital Skills for Africa

Educational technology is the considered implementation of appropriate tools, techniques, or processes that facilitate the application of senses, memory, and cognition to enhance teaching practices and improve learning outcomes.

2019-03-06 01:00:00.0

Technology Update

Promoting stability and peace in Africa’s once fragile and conflict-prone zones will pave the way for initiatives such as Coding for Employment to flourish, complementing formal and informal education and training programmes targeted at the youth population. With the continent’s youth population projected to reach 830 million by 2050, knowledge of advanced technologies, such as cloud computing, data analytics, mobile, security, social networking and artificial intelligence (AI), will become crucial.

2019-03-06 01:00:00.0

How to make the most of your career and opportunities to make money

Today we talk about time management in the working sector, 9 - 5 job lifestyle. Believe to achieve – Mind is your most powerful tool – Don’t miss a day – Look at the positive – Condition your mind to win!

2018-12-12 09:04:00.0

State of ICT in the Public Sector across Africa

Huawei banned and over 500 000 users download malware on Android. Today’s packed show includes Visa extending to over 15 African markets and China building an AI controlled base for Ocean research in “Top Tech News”. On “Start-Up Corner” we interview Siphokazi Nciza who is the founder and CEO of Kasie Labs training young people on digital literacy skills. Digi Chat features the CEO of SITA Dr. Setumo Mohapi, who unpacks the status of ICT in governments across Africa.

2018-11-21 08:56:00.0

The impact of Smart Cities in Africa

We kick off the show dealing with the issues of commitment in our lives on MotiBit. “Top Tech News” features undersea cabling connecting Africa, Chinese launching internet banking and Dubai police now using HoverBikes to catch criminals. On “Digi Chat” we interview the Vice-President of EMEA for Ruckus Networks Nick Watson, about how Smart Cities are changing the way Africans live and work.

2018-11-17 11:52:00.0

Opportunities for Tech StartUps in Africa with Kieth Jones_ Co-Founder of Sw7.

Keith is a seasoned tech enthusiast who is now leading an organisation that helps tech StartUps become successful and profitable businesses. As a Microsoft development partner, he has used his experience over the past 4 years to mentor tech businesses. We discuss the challenges that these businesses face as they fight for growth and how over 300 of them have been impacted by his Accelerator programme. He also announces an exciting new partnership that will benefit hundreds of tech StartUps in the coming years.

2018-11-17 11:46:00.0

Integrating AI, IoT and Data in Microsoft's innovation journey with Paul Vermaak

There is a lot of activity and investments in AI, IoT and Data all over the world. Paul addresses how Microsoft, as a tech leader and pioneer, are using these technologies to transform how they position themselves as a company. We discuss how Microsoft partners can capitalize on these investments by building their solutions and services on top of these platforms. He also gives practical examples of where they have used these technologies to change people’s lives.

2018-11-17 11:33:00.0

Microsoft Builds Tech StartUps through free mentorship with Ilana Baragwanath and Riedwaan Bassadien

We engaged with the Programme Manager of Head Start, Ilana, on how they are helping Tech StartUps build sustainable businesses. This programme allows entrepreneurs to have access to Microsoft certified courses online for free, have personal engagements with Microsoft mentors across all segments, utilize Azure cloud services, attend live seminars/events and more. Riedwaan opens up about his experience as a mentor and how it has changed his view of tech StartUps. He also unpacks Microsoft’s initiatives for the rest of Africa.

2018-11-17 11:26:00.0

Microsoft's passion for partners - programme and initiatives with Lionel Moyal: Commercial Partner Director

Lionel chats to us about the exciting initiatives and programmes Microsoft have established for their partners. As the Commercial Director for Partners, he highlights how Microsoft is empowering tech businesses through access to their software, solutions and free online certifications. He unpacks how they have also empowered students through their education programme and enabled developers to build applications to integrate with their platforms.

2018-11-09 12:02:00.0

Africa the StartUp home and the drive for financial inclusion heats up.

We start off the show with some motivation on how to focus on yourself. “Top Tech News” delves into Facebook financial results, MasterCard's investments into tech scholars and a man who is creating his own exclusive blockchain community in Nevada. We chat to McKevin Ayaba who is a serial entrepreneur about the role of StartUps in Africa and the key drivers to growing Africa through innovation.

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