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Policy Sphere by Agora Policy

Policy Sphere by Agora Policy

Backed by evidence-driven research, the conversational podcast delves right into the issues affecting national development alongside a host of sound policy/issue experts. Each episode will identify these urgent challenges while providing strong policy solutions which are inclusive just as they are evidence-based.

2023-02-22 04:06:29.0

Security and Nigeria's 2023 Elections

A valid concern with each election cycle, the state of security is an even bigger policy issue in Nigeria’s 2023 general election. In this episode, two security experts examine the relationship between insecurity and elections, and recommend options for violence-free elections and a more secure country.

2023-02-20 07:17:12.0

Addressing The Risks To Free And Fair Polls In Nigeria

Often cited as a landmark election, the 2023 general election will be a major test of
the maturity of Nigeria’s democracy. What are the risks to free and fair polls in Nigeria and how should these risks be addressed? This episode sees three experts with academic and practical experience in tracking elections in Nigeria critically examine the issues and proffer solutions.

2023-02-14 07:10:54.0

Why The Anti Corruption War Still Matters

For decades, corruption has been a significant threat to Nigeria’s development.
However, the 2023 elections suggest it has become less of a priority in campaign agendas than in previous cycles. This episode sees three experts dissect this issue and explore how to keep the anticorruption war high on the policy agenda in Nigeria.

2023-02-07 01:19:13.0

Enhancing the Voice and Agency of Women in Nigeria

The continued exclusion of women across different spheres greatly limits Nigeria’s development. In this episode, three experts dissect the issues and provide necessary solutions for greater inclusion.

2023-01-31 09:18:27.0

Pathways Out Of Nigeria's Fiscal Challenges

The current state of Nigeria’s public finances confounds many. In this episode, three experts explain what is going on and offer prescriptions for Nigeria's current fiscal challenges.

2023-01-24 06:19:59.0

What to Do With Nigeria's Petrol Subsidy?

Petrol subsidy has become a major drain on Nigeria's public finances. Yet removing the subsidy has been a thorny policy and political issue in the country. This episode features three experts who not only dissect the challenges posed by petrol subsidies but also propose what to do, when, and how. Listen in.

2023-01-20 02:05:13.0

The Reason Behind The Series

In this episode, Rotus Oddiri discusses the vision behind the series, why there is a need for deeper Policy conversations, and more with Waziri Adio, the founder of Agora Policy.

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