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Africans Have Huge Aspiration and Access to Massive Opportunities - Oladipo Idowu-Agida on African Perspective

Aug 13, 2019 02:49 PM
Africans Have Huge Aspiration and Access to Massive Opportunities - Oladipo Idowu-Agida on African Perspective Africa Business Radio, African Perspective, Africa Business News, Doing Business in Africa, Oladipo Idowu-Agida Pius, DRADROCK Properties, Lagos, Real Estate, Properties, Nigeria

Oladipo Idowu-Agida and recently added 'Pius' to his name, he's the CEO and Founder of DRADROCK Properties; a young, ambitious and very creative real estate development company operating from Lagos, Nigeria. He describes himself as a rare blend of focus, drive, and creativity; with remarkable passion for People/Organizational Development, Business, Sales and marketing. An outstanding Salesperson he calls himself, well organized, hardworking, thoroughly prepared, positive, enthusiastic, and intensely focused on serving my customers better than anyone else can

Prior to DRADROCK in April, 2017, he was the Sales Manager at Grenadines Homes Limited, Lagos (a member of the Paltonmorgarn Holdings), where he led a team responsible for the business development and pre-launch sales of the $300million Atlantic Resort project.

Before his time at Grenadines Homes, he worked for other subsidiary of Paltonmorgarn Holdings, such as Paltonloitte & Associates, Propertymart Real Estate Investment Ltd, and PM Oil Marketing & Sales Solutions respectively.

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