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The Khoisan of South Africa

May 20, 2020 05:03 PM
The Khoisan of South Africa Africa Business Radio, Khoisan Tribe, Bushmen, Africa Business News, Tribes of Africa

The San people are one of the world’s oldest tribes and very probably the first inhabitants of southern Africa. They have lived as hunters for thousands of years. An integral part of the hunter culture is the healing dance. This tradition carries on through the night.

The village elders and healers dance around the fire as they chant and take deep breaths until they reach a trance-like state. The seance is attended by the entire village, and the trance is said to be able to put people in touch with the departed, or cure illnesses. Some 100,000 people are left in the San tribe, who are also known as Bushmen. They are recognizable for the characteristic clicking sound they make when they speak. The tribe lives in several African countries, including Namibia and South Africa. 

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