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Updated Google Privacy Terms Allows Users to Auto-delete Personal Data on Its Streaming Services

Oct 03, 2019 05:08 PM
Updated Google Privacy Terms Allows Users to Auto-delete Personal Data on Its Streaming Services Africa Business Radio, Google, Privacy, Africa Business News, Personal Data, Password, Youtube, Streaming Service, Incorgnito Mode

In order to forestall privacy issues and prevent more scrutiny on user data, Google has updated privacy tools on its video streaming platform, YouTube and Google Maps. While YouTube users will now be able to set their search and viewing histories to auto-delete after a period of time, users of Google Maps will have an incognito mode, which means a user’s movements won’t be recorded when it’s turned on. The incognito mode for Google Maps, inspired by the Chrome browser’s incognito feature will enable users to search and navigate places without having any information linked to their accounts thereafter. This means users will be able to choose what stays on the app and what doesn’t as there would be a toggle to turn on or off. Although Google is yet to release the exact date when the new features will be available for iOS users, it would be available on Android this month. Google has also disclosed that users would be able to delete their voice histories from artificial intelligence system Assistants using a voice command. There would now be a way for users to check their passwords via a password manager to make sure they are still secure.

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