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Mozambique has declared itself clear of all its mine fields after the last known landmine was destroyed yesterday, near the Dondo bridges and Sofala province.

 Years after war for independence and civil war, the remaining explosives have tortured and maimed lives in the South African country.

The final demining of the South African country was led by Halo trust after over 22 years of partnering with the government, donors and citizens. Halo trust which is funded by the United States and United Kingdom, has reportedly destroyed 171,000 mines and cleared 1118 mine fields in the mineral rich country. Notably, other organisations such as Belgian non-governmental association, Apopo, deployed trained giant rats to detect explosives in land mined areas. The project successfully led to the discovery and safe destruction of 2,500 land mines and 14,000 pieces of unexploded ammunition and arms while returning about 2,001 acres of land to communities.

The successful clearing of land mines has been attributed to the government’s determination and construction of a well-laid out plan. In 1997, the government signed an agreement (Ottawa treaty) to clear all minefields with 10 years but was given an extension in 2009 before attaining the milestone in 2015.

After independence and over fifteen years of civil war, Mozambique has been under constant threat of land mines left behind. Although there are no definite statistics of landmine casualties, over 3400 citizens have been amputated due to injuries from landmine explosions.

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