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Following the petrol shortage in Nigeria, African leaders and economic influencers have once again called for added focus on African industrialization.


While many support this call, a larger problem looms in the form of a severe lack of legislative policies to regulate the various industries in their endeavors. The necessity for African countries to close both the skills

& resources gap is strikingly evident, but without effective measures in place to structure the direction and pace of this growth, the continent could be thrown into an industrialized chaos.

Also, with a vision of increased industrial activity, African countries will have to foresee a potentially higher risk in strike activity if policies are poorly structured or implemented. Unfortunately, the challenges Africa faces in this rush towards industrialization are anything but insignificant. By industrializing at a rapid rate, a skills gap is bound to appear but of course, this can be curtailed by good preparation.

A strain on International relations with cheap labour and manufacturing powers like China will pose the biggest threat to industrialization and may be the key factor in the sluggish move forward.


What do you think the next step is for Africa as far as industrialization goes? Tell us in the comments below

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