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 Burkina Faso has been suspended by the African Union's peace and security council (PSC) following Thursday's coup in Ougadougou.


In a series of strongly worded tweets the African Union Peace and Security Counsil threatens sanctions and describes the detention to officials from the transitional government as "terrorism":


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    AU Peace & Security Council calls for immediate release of all kidnapped transitional officials

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    expresses full solidarity w/ People of & presents condolences to families of victims of recent repression by RSP elements.

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    imposes sanctions on perpetrators of coup d’etat in , if kidnapped Transition Authorities are not released immediately.

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    strongly condemns kidnapping of Transition President, PM & some Ministers of , stresses these constitute acts of terrorism

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    AU Peace & Security Council unanimously suspends

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    shall not recognize nor support any process conducted outside the Transition launched in in Nov2014 -

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    concludes meeting on Burkina Faso, decides to suspend from all activities, with immediate effect!

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