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With Africa's economies registering growth rates of over 5% for the last decade, Africa is shedding its skin and adopting a challenger mindset to achieve parity with global competitors. Building Africa's workforce capability that is able to compete globally will however be the key to unlocking Africa's potential.


From the organisers of one of the world's leading series of HR events, HR Summit and Expo Africa is the ultimate platform for HR thought leaders and practitioners from all corners of the African continent to discuss new innovations, HR strategies and solutions to thrive on the world stage.

Innovation is the name of the game at HR summit and Expo Africa with our world class speaker lineup from across Africa and beyond. With a theme of moving from theory to practice, the Summit features over 10+ case studies, roundtables, panel discussions, workshops and participation from all key stakeholders across the business.

Key themes at the forum will include HR-organizational strategy alignment, Talent Management, Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion and Employee Engagement. Moreover, the challenges facing Africa, are almost as diverse as the continent itself and we are therefore running streamed and free to attend sessions with carefully selected speakers and topics that reflect the challenges and aspirations of HR in Africa.

We have also partnered with our speakers and leading solution providers to hand you complimentary practical toolkits, whitepapers and HR framework packs on the Summit days. Impress your CEO and senior leadership by taking back world class HR frameworks to the office for implementation to demonstrate the value of your function.

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